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US Company Registry|US Company Incorporation

US Company Registry|US Company Incorporation,(New York Company Registration,Delaware Company Registry,California Company Registry,Company incorporation in US 50 cities,Please call us for further information-+852-25031288)

1-Delaware,USA Company Registration

Delaware located in the Eastern United States, Conveniently located halfway between Washington and New York,USA about two hours, about 30 minutes away from Philadelphia. Delaware,USA has democratic system, and existing 580,000 populations. The local access language is English. Set up companies in the United States, Delaware,USA is the most popular registration is the most attractive states nationwide. Because Delaware is the most wide tax system, the tax base is narrow that also is the only the state don’t have sales tax.

Currently, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, which are incorporated in Delaware, and one third of the New York Stock Exchange and American Stock Exchange listed company incorporated in Delaware. The City of Dover is the Capital of the Delaware with population 20,000. Wilmington is city of northeast Delaware on the Delaware River Southwest of Philadelphia and has population 80,000. TAT Group sit on big corporations and economic -- Wilmington City, the company operational by the famous American lawyer Ms. Jean Chen charge, as you can registered companies and registered trademark anywhere in the U.S. for the Chinese enterprises to invest or immigration to America.
1. US Company Name:
Use of USA companies name don’t have any restriction, but in order to avoid duplication then the best way is applicant more than three company names. Through searching, then determined using which one. Company name may contain words "Association", “Company ", "Corporation", “Foundation’’, "Fund ", " Incorporated”, “ Institute”, "Society”, " Union”, “Syndicate", “Limited", or its acronym. The names of companies register can not use for the same or similar names as included: "Bank", “Trust" wording to be first approved by the United States Federal Reserve. Limited Liability Company only use Limited Liability Company, in short ' LLC 'end.

2. Registered capital:
US Company standard numbers of shares are 1500 Unit. It can use of bearer shares or registered shares. Standard registered capital may less than 75000 US Dollar. There are no minimum capital requirements. But if more than, must pay at least 200 US Dollar levies to Delaware government. Bearer Shares will up to 3000 Unit.

3. Shareholder directors:
The minimum number of Directors and Shareholders for Corporation is one.US Corporate Directors are not permitted. A President, Treasurer and Secretary must be appointed. One person can hold all of these offices and there are no residency requirements. Details of directors and officers must be provided.
4. Registered Address:
The US Registered Address and US Registered Agent must be situated in Delaware. The Address and Agent details are also included in the Certificate of Incorporation. Details of directors and officers must be provided. We provide the necessary ongoing services as Registered Address and Agent.

5. Operating range:
There are no restrictions as to the type of business for a USA Corporation. Delaware permits a general purpose clause for any legal business activity for which a Corporation may be incorporated. US LLCs may not take on the business of insurance or banking for which licences are required.
6. Service elements:
USA Certificate of registration (Florida Secretary of State notaries, and interpretation); US Registered addresses; 1 common seal; 1 company chop; U.S. companies registration documents (including statutory shareholders, directors, company meetings register); Company stock; The Memorandum and Articles of Association set (Statute M & A); Document for opening a bank accounts.
7. US Bank accounts:
Bank account must be set up after companies have been registered. After U.S. companies registered can open offshore bank accounts in USA or Hong Kong, We can help clients do bank accounts, TAX ID application,EIN number, the required documents are: registration certificate, seal,incumbency,EIN number, the local registered agent by the United States issued a notarized document and signed by the accountants accounts (Certified true copies), personal identity documents and deposit accounts equivalent HK 10000. Our services include: recommending bank accounts, arrange for your local agent by the United States issued a notarized document (companies need to produce more than one year good standing), the record of the meeting, as introducer, sent people to assistance.

8. US Company annual renewal:
Delaware companies do annual renewal every year before 1st of March. After establishment of company, Vantic will be responsible to the clients for the annual survey limited time.

9. Legal and tax:
One frequently-cited advantage is that the state's internationally renowned Court of Chancery, deals exclusively with corporate matters. Judges of this Court are appointed on merit alone and not elected. The corporate laws of Delaware are very user-friendly and have often been used by other states as a standard for testing corporate laws. As a result, the corporate laws in Delaware are familiar to many lawyers both domestically and internationally. There is no income state tax for Delaware Corporations or LLCs that do not conduct business in the US. The only tax typically payable is an annual franchise tax which falls due on the 1st of March (Corporation) and 1st June (LLC) each year respectively.

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