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Hong Kong Trademark Registration

The Right of Priority on Hong Kong Trademark Registration


An applicant may enjoy the right of priority on trademark registration in Hong Kong if  filed an application for trademark registration for the same goods or service with a state party to Paris Convention or a WTO member state within six months before filing such application for trademark registration in Hong Kong.

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  • Trademark Registration in over 170 Foreign Countries/Regions
  • China Trademark Registration & Hong Kong Trademark Registration
  • European Union Tranemark Registration
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What we offer:

Protection of your H.K Trademark:

-Assessment of the prospects for your H.K. trademark registration by experienced lawyers specialized in Trademark Law
-Personal consultation about the goals of your trademark application and the intended scope of protection
-Identity research with regard to existing trademarks and IR marks
-Creation of an optimal Goods and Services Directory for your community trademark application
-Review and forwarding of the acknowledgement
-Transmission of your trademark registration certificate.
-Consistent protection of your trademarks .
asy requirements for use & Comprehensive and effective legal protection.
-Low costs,Fixed rate, No hidden costs.

Period of Validity:  10 years

Renewal upon Expiration:
Six months before the expiration of an application for renewal, renewal is valid for 10 years.


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  • Worldwide Trademark registration
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